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Toldi na koni - zaber z pivnice
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Pension TOLDI

The fundamental idea of the pension is reflected by the owners sentence:
"I do not want you to feel like at home (mind full of problems) but I want you to feel good and special."

The rooms, corridors, accessories and also the personnel blend into one harmonic piece that feels positive and evokes in you pleasant and optimistic feelings.

The experience of staying in pension Toldi is hardly describable. It is literally necessary to experience and take up the atmosphere that the whole complex (pension and cellar Toldi) radiates.

You will get the special experience not only from the impression of the original rooms or the other accessories and details but also from the service, the approach of the personnel and the friendly owners.

We can bravely say that

Pension Toldi is place of experience!

   Penzión TOLDI      Penzión TOLDI        Penzión TOLDI      Penzión TOLDI

The pension has 6 special rooms that fulfill the needs and wants of even the most demanding guests. The five rooms and one apartment all have their unique style and they are named accordingly:

Appartment Residence - luxurious apparment comlex
Prince - one bedroom room with a balcony in an aristocratic style, connected to the name Otto van Habsburg
Nomad - harmony of wood and wrought iron fine-tuned with artistic furniture and accessories
Retro - memory of the sixties and after a good night sleep you wake up amongst the famous
Tingli Tangli - a room full of curves and cats in all styles
Papas & Mamas - a family style room with a last century atmosphere

All rooms have their own characteristic style with their own accessories like books, literature from the given time period where you suddenly find yourself when you enter the rooms. You can find more on the room themes in the room desription.

For more information please call 0918 / 402 242 or use the other contact possibilities in the Contact part.